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FaQs. General Information

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Q: What is ākiva?

AKIVA believes in eating what you love and gives you an easy method to balance it all - Superfoods. AKIVA’s Superfoods are simple, one-stop solutions to your daily health needs - convenient, mobile and smart. Superfoods for a Super You!

Q: Why has the name changed from kivā to ākiva?

The new name signifies a fresh perspective to the way we do things and a bigger, better portfolio of health foods and beverages. Stay tuned… because we are just getting started here!

Q: Who can consume ākiva?

A: Anyone and Everyone!
ākiva is safe and recommended for everyone. However, we do not advise the juice shots for children under the age of 5. Candies, as the name suggests, can and should be enjoyed across age groups.

Q. What goes into the products you make?

All our products are made from ingredients sourced directly from their respective places of origin in India. Fruits and herbs from the foothills of Himalayas, sugarcane from organic farms of Nundarbans, coconuts from their best source in Kerala, spices from Sirohi and Jalgaon and cinnamon from its most famous place of origin in India - Sikkim.
We make absolutely sure that we don't add any processed sugar, artificial colours, fragrances or other harmful chemicals into our products.

Q: How do I choose my ākiva shot?

ākiva shots should be chosen purely on the basis of the desired health benefits. Also, once you choose an ākiva shot, you should stick to a daily routine to realise the health benefits.
If you are looking at general wellness or are still undecided about what benefit you want to target first, try our assorted pack or 'our favourites' pack.

Q: Do ākiva shots contain any refined sugar, artificial flavours, colours, sulphates, parabens or essences?

No, none of those!

Q: Do ākiva shots contain preservatives?

Yes, to preserve the nutrients.
Though we understand the growing desire to avoid preservatives, it also becomes imperative to add them to a liquid product to maintain its freshness and nutrient levels. Having said that, we follow a policy of "minimal preservation" in our products, which means we add the fewest preservatives and in the smallest quantities possible. To be precise - 100 parts per million (0.01% by volume) of E211, which is 10 times lower than the government permissible limit of 1000 parts per million.
E211 is a common food preservative ‘Sodium Benzoate’ which falls under the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) category. It has been approved by Codex Alimentarius- a ‘World Health Organization’ body.

Q: In how many days can I expect to start seeing the health benefits?

After 2-3 weeks.
Ayurveda focuses on slow and sustainable replenishment of body nutrients and internal healing. The duration before health benefits start showing up could be vastly different for different people depending on body type, lifestyle and discipline. However, 2 weeks is the least before you can start observing noticeable changes.

Q: The shots taste different from the last time I consumed them. Is there a problem?

Your shots could taste different because of 2 reasons:
· We are constantly trying to innovate and improve our product offering and therefore keep making them healthier and tastier.
· Over 90% of our ingredients are sourced locally from the Himalayan belt and used fresh in the juices. Any change in taste could be the result of a seasonal change or the difference of one lot of natural fruits from another.

Q: How should ākiva shots be consumed?

Just shake well and gulp! It’s that simple. No mixing/dilution required.
We recommend 1 shot of your preferred variant every morning, preferably before breakfast.
You can drink more than 1 variant in a day (in fact all 7 if you like). Just remember to start with one and slowly add other variants to your diet every 4-5 days. Your body takes time to adapt to everything… even Ayurveda!

Q: Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid before or after taking an ākiva shot?

We recommend having it on an empty stomach every morning. But there are no rigid rules. Understand your body and consume accordingly.

Q: Can I have more than one ākiva shot (of a single variant) everyday?

Yes! Start with one shot and then slowly incorporate the others in your daily diet (for example, start with one shot of Wheatgrass everyday and add Aloe Vera after 3-4 days). Your body takes time to adapt to everything. We recommend a single shot for children.

Q: What is the shelf life of ākiva shots?

6 months – but why wait! Go for your daily shot today.

Q: How can ākiva shots be stored?

Anywhere cool and dry! Keep the bottles away from direct sunlight and heat. Refrigeration is not necessary, but go ahead if you want to. In fact, it tastes best when chilled!

Q: How do I choose my jaggery candy?

Purely on the basis of flavours you love. If we were you, we would have at least 1 of each every day till we decided our favourite :)

Q: Do ākiva candies contain any artificial flavours, colours, sulphates, parabens or essences?

No, none of those!

Q: Do ākiva candies contain preservatives?

No, none at all.

Q: What are the various health benefits of these Jaggery Candies?

Jaggery has been known since ancient days to provide 50 times more minerals and nutrients than refined sugar. It improves digestion, nourishes the skin, purifies blood and is great for treating respiratory issues. One jaggery cube a day works wonders to protect you against smog and its hazards.
What’s more? Kivā’s jaggery candies come in 5 delectable flavours- plain, masala, coconut, cinnamon and chocolate that each come with their own individual health benefits, besides greatly adding to the taste.

Q: How should the candies be consumed?

Anytime, anywhere, as many as you like! Sometimes, ‘no rules’ is a great rule.
We have been eating them all day, but our favorite time is when we have that post meal dessert craving. Jaggery satisfies it like nothing else… healthily of course!
You can also add the jaggery cubes to your daily cup of tea. A much healthier substitute to refined sugar!

Q: What is the shelf life of ākiva candies?

12 months – but we bet it won’t last 12 minutes after you open that pack with your friends.

Q: How can ākiva candies be stored?

Anywhere cool and dry! Keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Cash on Delivery, Visa, MasterCard, American Express Payments.

Q: I am facing some issue placing my order. What should I do?

A: Simply chat with us Here or call us on +91 7838437657 and we will guide you through the check-out process.

Q: Can I make changes to my order after confirming it?

Yes, you have a few hours to change your mind after placing an order. Just call us on +91 7838437657 and do have your order number and other details handy.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

We do come up with discount offers from time to time. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

Q: What is the average time for delivery?

2-5 working days

Q: Is there a shipping charge on orders?

There is a delivery charge of Rs. 50 on orders below Rs. 200. Shipping free for all orders above Rs. 200

Q: Do you ship to my city?

We ship orders all over India.

Q: I am unable to track my order. What should I do?

Please feel free to call us on +91 7838437657 for any issues.

Q: I received damaged products. What should I do?

A. All our products pass through a very strict procedure of quality check and packaging. However, chances of human error (though as low as 0.01%) are unavoidable and we at KIVA take then very seriously. Please get in touch with us immediately in case of any problems with your product and we will look into it on priority.